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By rafael

We often get people asking about how to find someone else to go paddling with. Probably the best way is to go to as many local paddling events as you can, such as our biweekly clinics or our Saturday afternoon race. But sometimes schedules are tight or inflexible, and there's just no way to make those commitments. Building a paddling community is one of our primary goals here at Soposup. We want to help folks connect with one another and progress their skills on the water together in a safe, responsible manner. In that spirit, we will keep this page open for anyone who wants to advertise their availability as a paddle-partner. We will list days/times, skill level, and 1st names as well as any notes the advertising partner wishes to add. If you would like to contact someone on the list, you will need to get their info from us at the shop. If you are advertising your availability, please be sure to e-mail us your contact info. Contact info will not be displayed on this page.

Heidi: 2nd year paddler, Monday afternoons
Clara: 4th year paddler, anytime, but prefer early AM
Nicole: 3rd year paddler, Sunday late AM, Monday early AM (5-7 start)
Jennifer: 2nd year paddler, variable schedule
Jodi: 3rd year paddler, M-F late afternoon/evening, weekend AM
Jennifer: intermediate, M-F 5pm
Libby: 4th year paddler, M,Tu,Th 10-12

Surf Report

updated 02/19/2018 10:04am

5.6 ft @ 8 sec from ESE

SSW (Cross/onshore) @ 20 mph


Race Number 5 (10.5 miles)
Sunday, July 2nd 8am


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