2014 Cushings Island Race Series

We are just a couple a weeks away from the 1st race of our 2014 season. We had tremendous fun last year getting this event started, and are looking forward to an even better season this year. Focus Sup Hawaii, one of our most trusted and comprehensive brands, has stepped up and donated a Cali 12-6 race board to be given as the 1st place prize! Registration is only $35 for the entire season. Every week you will see some familiar faces at the start line, and you will also meet some new participants. The weather and the tide will change things up week to week as well. You only need to take part in 2 races to qualify for the prizes, and the way we set the rules allows someone on a beginner cruiser to have just as much of a shot (maybe even more) than someone on a fast racer. Anyhow, I'll post the rules below, as well as a link to the new Facebook Page dedicated to the race. Results for each week will be posted in the Community Blog section of this site, as well as on the race Facebook page. Contact us if you have any questions.

Race Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CushingSUP?ref=hl

Official Rules:
Race Times: Every Saturday, June-August, rain or shine. Race may be cancelled at the discretion of that day's time-keeper. The threat of lightning is our primary concern.
We will try to launch at 4:30pm each time, but sometimes that is delayed by 10-15 minutes by late arriving persons.

The Course: We will keep the same course for each race. We will begin a beach start with boards in hand, and head across the shipping channel towards the channel between Peaks Island and Cushings Island, known as Whitehead passage. This is the "easiest" part of the race, and if participants are feeling unsure, they are recommended to turn around here before rounding Whitehead Cliffs. We will then proceed along the Ocean side of Cushings for about 1 mile. This is often quite choppy and can be very challenging. Finally, we will turn back into Casco Bay and cross the channel towards Willard, hopefully with a little wind at our backs. The entire course is approximately 4.2 miles, and can be completed in under 1 hour in good conditions.

The Racers: Every racer will be required to fill out a waiver of liability. Before each race, we will go over the conditions we expect to encounter that day, and make clear that anyone who participates must be confident that they could run the course without any help. We do not have assist vessels, so it is important racers understand that they are on their own out there. Less skilled paddlers are advised to pick their day carefully, and buddy up with another racer. This race is NOT designed for beginner paddlers. All paddlers must have a USCG approved PFD and must wear a leash.

Timers: At the beginning of each race, a timer will be chosen and he/she will be responsible for keeping times and making sure they are submitted properly. The timer can be a race participant (and in this case it should probably be the fastest racer), or it can be someone waiting on the beach. Tides will change starting positions for each race, but time should start as soon as racers touch the water, and stop as soon as they fully exit the water. Racers are not required to pull their boards from the water at the end of the race. Once you are out, you MUST wait for the next racer to land before leaving the beach. This ensures that no one is left on the water without someone looking for them.

Everything else: There are 4 classes; Women's Recreational (boards under 12'6" length), Men's Recreational (boards under 12'6" length), Combined 12-6 (men and women 12'6" length), and 14. The cost to register in any single class is $35, and allows you to race as many times as you like within that class for the entire season. You may register for additional classes, but it costs $35 each time you register for a different class. Your time will not be recorded if you do not register in one of the 4 classes. Additionally, you must participate in AT LEAST 2 races within a class to qualify for the end-of-year prizes. The 1st place prize will go to whoever records the fastest time in the most popular class.

Surf Report

updated 12/13/2017 6:04pm

3.9 ft @ 5 sec from W

W (Cross Shore) @ 25 mph


Race Number 5 (10.5 miles)
Sunday, July 2nd 8am


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