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When I first opened the store just over a year ago, I didn't want to carry products that I couldn't talk about as an "expert", and so Soposup was born as a dedicated Sup shop. A part of me also felt SUP deserved its own place. But as time has passed, I've realized that notion is more about me than about the sport. And lets face it, Portland needs a decent surf shop. We now have over 20 surfboards in stock, shaped by East Coast shapers who know and surf the same waves you do. That's about where we will sit, 20 boards, covering the entire range of sizes and styles appropriate to local conditions.
Soposup is also carrying a limited selection of quality longboards (long skateboards) as well as all the components you need to customize your own ride; wheels, bearings, trucks and hardware.
My focus is still towards StandUp. Chances are, if you come in looking to buy your first surfboard, I'll entertain your fancy for a few minutes. Then I'll gently turn you around, to look at the "other" rack, trying not to sound too preachy as I explain that what you really need is a StandUp Paddleboard!
Finally, I'd like to make a quick case for buying local. Soposup exists because its what I want to do. I know I'm pretty fortunate to be able to drive 5 minutes from my house to my job. But everyone else in the community is also pretty fortunate to have a shop thats sells SUP, surf and skate gear nearby. When you do the math before you purchase an item, factor in the value of having a store like Soposup next door.

Surf Report

updated 02/19/2018 10:04am

5.6 ft @ 8 sec from ESE

SSW (Cross/onshore) @ 20 mph


Race Number 5 (10.5 miles)
Sunday, July 2nd 8am


Winter Hours:
By Appointment

  382 Cottage Rd.
  South Portland, ME 04106