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One of the things we take very seriously at Soposup is making sure you are getting your money's worth when you buy a board from us. I place orders based on what I would want to see in a shop if I was shopping for a board. Price is often the number one consideration when buying a SUP. These things aren't exactly cheap. Sometimes a board is so good that price becomes a secondary factor. For example, if you are in the market for a seriously fast, long distance ocean racer, then you need to consider the SICs in carbon, because they are just that much better than anything else.
But for most people, cost and quality carry about the same weight. Unfortunately, quality is difficult to judge without some expert knowledge. Its much, much more common for people to pay a high cost for a lower quality product than the reverse.
This summer I am very excited to highlight a couple of boards that I think will buck that trend. I spoke to a few manufacturers last fall and told them what I was looking for: a top quality board, with a white bottom, that was light, that would work equally well for casual paddling, yoga and beginner surf. The board had to be fun, but just as importantly, it had to not cost $1500.
Enter the Angulo Lahaina line. The 9'8" x 31" model is the perfect board for riders between 100 and 150plus pounds. The 10'6" x 31" model will be comfortable for people up to around 200 lbs. These boards have a few unique features that allow them to work so well for a wide range of activities.
Low rocker, or curvature of the board, ensures that more of the board is in contact with the water at all times, which in turn makes the board more stable. Low rocker will also allow the board to move faster than a board of similar length with more rocker. It is easier to catch waves on a lower rocker board, but it does require stepping back to surf stance a little earlier. Thats no problem though, since you can get on the wave before it is even breaking.
The boards also have a very even volume distribution, meaning that the middle, nose, and tail of the board all have plenty of flotation. This gives the boards a more predictable feel in the water.
The rail outline is quite parallel, which will make paddling straight much easier. Plus the boards come with a great big, high quality fiberglass fin, which also helps the boards track straight.
Although 9-8 and 10-6 are fairly short lengths for "all-around" SUPs, because of the rocker, volume distribution and rail shapes, they actually have the stability of much larger boards. But they don't feel larger. They are very responsive and have a pleasantly lively feel.
I liked the boards enough when Josh Angulo came up last fall for me to demo them that I invested heavily in the brand. And as we all know, the more you buy, the less you pay. Since I paid less, you pay less. MSRP on these boards is $1399.00. Thats about what you would expect for a quality all-around model from some of the top manufacturers. We are selling these boards for $1099 through the month of May. You can take that $300 and get yourself a top of the line full carbon paddle, or a new for 2014 Kialoa Insanity and still have enough left over for a great dinner downtown!
I am absolutely certain you cannot get a better board for less, unless you are buying used or someone is going out of business and blowing out stock. Come in and look the boards over, and we will be very happy to arrange for you to get on either one of the boards and try it before you buy it.

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3.9 ft @ 5 sec from W

W (Cross Shore) @ 25 mph


Race Number 5 (10.5 miles)
Sunday, July 2nd 8am


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